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Once A Week Deodorant

Once A Week (OAW) weekly deodorant wipe is the world's first weekly form of deodorant. OAW is the ultimate answer to ALL natural body odors. By tracing back to the source, OAW was developed to correctly solve body odor problems with precision. OAW is the world's first and only water-based deodorant of which more than 80% is water. Watever you do, OAW protects you. 

OAW safeguards you with week-long protection without any disruption even after series of excessive sweating such as from heavy workout, hiking, cycling, swimming, skiiing, dancing, bathing, etc...

With OAW, you will enjoy everything to the fullest, stress-free with confidence for days ahead

Product Facts

  • Without a trace
  • Zero-Stickiness
  • 100% Water-soluble
  • 100% Alcohol-free
  • 100% Aluminium-free
  • Stain-free
  • Colorless
  • Fragrance-free
  • Does not clog pores
  • Suitable for ALL skin types, is gentle to sensitive skin and has been clinically tested
  • A U.S FDA's VCRP product. Clinically tested
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Once A Week Deodorant
Overcoming Body Odor the Natural Way PDF Print E-mail

To counter a problem, one must first understand the cause. Sweat is odorless until bacteria feeds on and metabolizes it into unpleasant smells. High occurrence of this process takes place in the underarms and genitals because glands in such areas release proteins and oil, and the feet because of accumulated sweat, which makes a veritable feast for bacteria allowing them to thrive in abundance.

“Once A Week” Deodorant Wipe (OAW) was developed to effectively manage the source of the problem  without affecting the body’s natural process. Unlike other products in the market that hinder the perspiration process or mask with a stronger chemical fragrant, OAW simply uses bacteria to fight bacteria.

OAW’s instrument is a form of friendly bacteria  - Pio-Lactobacillus. Once applied to the body, it inhabits 20-30 outer layer of the skin inhibiting the odour-causing bacteria. This basic fundamental results in extensive benefits for the user.

As the skin goes through its natural regenerative process, it takes an average of seven days before all the layers harboring Pio-Lactobacillus are shed. Hence one application of OAW will have a continuous and lasting effect of one week* without the need of reapplication.

While the natural perspiration process is allowed to occur, even in copious amount as the body requires, OAW halts the usual accompaniment of foul smell. Antiperspirant that blocks the sweat from forming is found to be effective. However, it has a tendency to clog pores leading to darkened skin in the underarms area. 

OAW is perhaps the most suitable deodorant for daily usage, sports, outdoor and water activities as it allows users to perspire yet does not wash away, and does not require constant application.

Possible adverse effects of chemicals in skincare products have recently come into light with concerns on human and environmental reactions, which are harmful and irreversible. OAW is essentially water (80%), and the remaining ingredients do not encompass alcohol nor heavy metals that recent studies have linked to cancer. Due to its light composition, it is suitable for sensitive skin and has been clinically tested and approved by the US FDA’s Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program. OAW’s product and packaging are recyclable and made from sustainable material.

Users of fragrant-free OAW can simultaneously apply other lotions and perfumes without concerns of clashing or overpowering combination of fragrances.

It comes in a form of water infused tissue, not unlike a wet-wipe. Application requires a simple rubbing motion over areas of concern, most commonly armpits, feet, genitalia, etc.


Healthy Deodorant

120 + Hours No Body Odor

Boosts Your Confidence

Perfect for Sports

85% Water

Improves Personal Hygiene

Instant Effects


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OMG! It is absolutely effective!

I love sports, and I sweat a lot. I started using OAW deodorant, and OMG! It is absolutely effective. FYI, it’s best to apply it at night after showering and leave it to dry. Try not to expose yourself to sunlight after application.

- Gillian

I give it two thumbs up!!

I've tried it and it works!! The sachet contains a fabric wipe with a little moisture (much like the hand napkins they give in Chinese restaurants but much smaller). When underarms are clean and dry, simply pat wipes around the area. Wait to dry for 5-10 minutes. And then for the whole week... there is no need for deodorant!!! No more sticky mess, overpowering fragrances, crystallized blouse and embarrassing yellow stains. I give it two thumbs up!!

- KutuCat

Another Way For you to Save Money!

As economy has started falling, everyone is out on a hunt for money saving tips and tricks. A lot have started cutting down on expenses like yearly family outing, dining out in expensive restaurants, buying new electronic gadgets like phones, tv, etc.... well guess what, here is another way for you to save money :) introducing the world's only "WEEKLY" deodorant !!!

- Babykcc

It's Handy! You can use it anywhere!

Good news for you who loves travelling. It’s handy very easy to carry during your trip in hot weather. The good thing about “Once a week” deodorant is you can use it anywhere, anytime especially. I used it during my trip in Thailand, wow! It definitely works. The results are good, you will feel cleanse and fresh without smell of sweaty.

- Vincent

OAW is Fragrance-free!

Sweating isn't a crime, its nature, and although society doesn't really help, it happens on a daily, hourly, every minute, basis. If you are sweating easily, you should purchase this handy little pack of deodorant-wipes. The deodorant-wipes make you feel and smell cleaner, and because their size aren’t that big, so you can simply stick them in your bag and use them when ever you work up a sweat! Well, OAW is fragrance free, it helps you to neutralize body odors but not using fragrance to make you smell better as others.

- Yanny